Katarina Campagnola MA, LMHC, LMFT, MCAP, ES, QS

Psychotherapy is not meant for fixing transient problems but rather is a method to help you deal with issues that stick with you for more than a few days. Generally, those who start psychotherapy find that having a trained, empathetic ear to hear their concerns and guide their journey to a better place helps them either resolve or learn how to resolve their pressing issues. Millions of people throughout the world visit psychotherapists each week, even if only for a short term period. You are free to continue or terminate the therapy as you want.

Psychotherapy can focus on problem solving in a goal oriented process. You discuss with your therapist how you feel and what is most important to you, and together you focus in on the more fundamental issues that can form the basis for your actions and choices. The goal can be set to create change, either in action or attitude, to facilitate a more peaceful and productive life.