Katarina Campagnola MA, LMHC, LMFT, ES, QS


The Therapy

Talk therapy is a form of counseling. This therapeutic process is known within medical circles as Psychotherapy which is a recognized discipline focused on assisting you to find ways to deal with various forms of anxiety, discomfort, relationship troubles or anything that is causing you pain and anguish. Read More About Therapy Here

The Session

Usually we go to therapy when we are in some form of distress that we cannot handle on our own, or we have been encouraged to seek out therapy by those who care about us. Either way, we come to a therapist because we have a need, something to fix or discover. This work is done in a session with the therapist. Read More About the Session Here

Marriage and Family Therapy

Family therapy, or Marriage and Family Therapy, may deal with nurturing change and understanding amongst married couples or within the greater family unit including children. A couple or family may decide to enter into therapy after they all see a need, or if an individual has been in therapy he or she may realize that their healing will be easier if their problems are discussed in the context of their family unit. Read More About Marriage and Family Therapy Here

Integrative Therapy

Before moving to the USA from Sweden in 2004, I trained and practiced psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapy. Now that I am certified to practice Psychotherapy by the State of Florida, I am able to offer my services as a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner and an experienced astro-therapist. Read More About Astro-Therapy Here

Equine Therapy

Learn about Equine Therapy by reading this information. I am a PATH qualified Equine Therapist and offer these services locally.